Auto Accident Injury Pain Relief

Being involved in an auto accident is a scary thing. You can come out of the wreck with serious injuries or minor scrapes and bruises. Motor accidents can lead to chronic pain that gets worse in time. If you sustain major injuries, it’s best to manage the injuries and pain immediately to avoid making it worse. Treatment and management of injuries vary depending on the severity of the injury. Here are some insights on how to deal with accident injuries.


If You Sustain a Head Injury


Sitting in the front of the car exposes passengers and drivers to a higher risk of sustaining head injuries. Hitting the windshield, steering wheel, or side window can cause head injuries. A hard blow to the head can cause a concussion. A comprehensive head exam is important before starting any treatment.

Head injuries can cause dizziness, nausea, and neck pain. If there are no fractures or bleeding, the pain is managed by prescription pain medication. Chiropractic care also helps with chronic head and neck pains.


Neck Injuries From Whiplash


If the car stops suddenly or rolls off the road, the passengers experience whiplash from the sudden neck snap. Mild whiplash can be treated with over-the-counter pain relief medication. Untreated whiplash injuries can cause chronic pain that lingers for a long time. Alternative therapy, such as chiropractic care, can alleviate stiffness, swelling, and pain caused by whiplash.


Spinal Cord Injuries


Apart from head injuries, spinal cord injuries can be very serious. They can result in immobility and other serious health problems. When the spinal cord is compressed in an accident, it impairs circulation to the whole body. It can also pinch nerves and compromise bone and ligaments.

An evaluation of the spine is important after a motor accident. Chronic back pain from accidents can linger for a long time. Specialized chiropractic back care offers a non-invasive and manageable solution for spinal injuries.


Limb Fractures


Limb fractures are common during motor accidents. Extensive fractures need surgery, while minor ones require a cast to fix. Fracture aftercare is important for total healing to happen. Physical therapy is an important part of healing therapy. Extra sessions of chiropractic care come a long way to help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. They are non-invasive and are available for as long as the patient needs the treatment.


Muscle Sprains and Injuries


Muscle sprains and injuries are not considered life-threatening injuries. However, they can still cause pain and extensive damage to the body. Muscle pain is handled with warm or cold compresses. Alternative chiropractic care, such as the use of Kinesio-tape, is also an option. Chiropractic massages and therapy also help a lot in managing muscle pain.

Serious injuries require surgery and major medical intervention. Most injuries require pain relief medication. However, if the pain lingers for a long time after the injury, it is wise to consider other alternative methods. Pain medication can cause dependency and addiction. Other methods of managing pain, such as chiropractic care and physical therapy, are advisable. They are non-invasive and target the injury site without affecting other areas of the body.

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